I am so lost for words, yet I am high on emotions over the lack of fair play and principled negotiations on the part of the President and the Congress.  Ready? Here it comes … I think that the power play at hand, one that is severe enough to lower the credit rating of the US, is an attempt to remove a black man from the Presidency.  Yup. That’s right.  Prima Facia Racism.  I think that the right wing tea party is scared of a black man as President.  I believe this because of their over the top behavior and willingness to use raising the debt limit as a platform for ousting Obama.  Obama may need (want) to go, but the political hyjinks demonstrated on the part of the Republican party demonstrates their ultimate agenda – to control the religous rights of the Christian Coalition.  The Tea Party’s willlingness to delay resolution of the debt issue of the US is chest pounding.  Their naive chest pounding has resulted in a lowering of the credit rating of the US.  Great, you idiots.  This is tampering.  You are making adjustments to a system of which you have no knowledge of.  Pound your chests, fine, but know that your action could cause a world wide lack of confidence in our system.  And demonstrate how un-evolved our society really is to accept those of color, race, sex, creed, etc…

As I teach leaders; argue vigorously behind closed doors, but in front of the people, be united.  Everyone derserves effective leadership.  Bipartisian leadership is not effective nor is it leadership.  Unless the goal is to lead us to a place of disengagement. Drop the agendas and start showing the US and the World, be the leaders that you profess to be.  United, we can get oursleves back on the rails and moving in a forward direction.  We can always debate the direction, but derailment is unacceptable.  Get together or get out!


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