The movie Money Ball is about “predictive analytics” or finding the truly meaningful data-sets that can yield greater returns than using the “normal system”.  For HR the normal system is much like a “crap-shoot” in terms of hiring, promoting, managing conflict, and employee development.

 Or worse, as many companies that do use assessments are using the wrong assessment or are generating meaningless data that leads to the wrong decisions.  This can lead to legal problems and/or employee relations nightmares.  It can also result in an existing talent pool outdated and ill prepared for the future.

 Human Resource professionals need to be aware to the technology that is available to take the guess work out of the work force planning and development process.  There are many low cost and highly effective assessments available.  In this session we will share our results with two systems – JobBehaviors and the Prove-it System.

View Recording: New Era Webinar – Click Here

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