This past week New Era had the opportunity to help Veterans prepare them for work in the civilian world through mock interviews. The Veterans supplied a resume from which we conducted theinterview and drafted questions about who they are as a person, a worker, their work experience as well as military experience. Following the interviews the Veterans were evaluated on their performance and provided with feedback for future interviews and red flags to avoid.

The main points of feedback for the Veterans were:

  • Be careful not to divulge too much personal information that is not prompted. For example saying, “I am a single parent and my kids are my number one priority” can lead an employer to think there could be commitment issues.
  • Do not talk too much during the interview. Certain positions require a level of confidentiality so it is important to convey a sense of restraint.
  • Translate the military experience into the civilian world. Make sure the military experiences and skills are easily understandable by non-military personnel.

Overall this was a very rewarding experience having the opportunity to give back to the individuals who have served our country.  Our Veterans are an incredible source of talent, we know that they can lead, follow, and solve problems.  In addition, they are extremely well-disciplined and compliant.  We hope that our feedback for them will help them obtain a career in the civilian world.

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