It seems that New Era HR Solutions is on track with the latest “best practices” regarding the Health and Safety of the Temporary Employee.  Yet, this issue is still evolving.

In a recently published summary by the CDC, of a conference, co-hosted by the National Occupational Research Agenda Manufacturing Sector Council and Services Sector Council, several experts discussed temporary staffing issues as they pertain to employees in manufacturing and other hazardous industries.

Key discussion topics included:

  • Occupational Health and Safety of Temporary Workers in Washington State
  • Workers’ Compensation and Injury among Temporary Workers in Manufacturing
  • Issues Facing Temporary Employment Agencies
  • Protecting Contingent Employees through a Collaborative Culture of Safety
  • Guidelines to Protect Temporary Workers

This article has great reference and resource information for employers that use temporary labor.  As a client of New Era HR Solutions, you can rest easy knowing that we got this covered.

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