Last winter, New Era HR Solutions was asked to fill 6 inside sales positions for a local moving and storage company. While working out at the YMCA, I mentioned this to a “fellow boot camper” and he reminded me that his son (whom I coached 12 years ago) was looking for a full time job. I told my friend to have his son contact me directly. I got his resume, telephoned screened, and had our team test and interview him. He did great in all phases of the selection process. He then interviewed with the client and they offered him one of the inside sales positions.

I routinely check in on the son by inquiring how he is doing through his Dad at the YMCA. His Dad tells me that his son says he is a “rock star” and that he loves the people, the products, and the sales process. It seems that his son is really maturing and learning a lot about work, relationships and about sales.

Just yesterday, I checked in with the Dad (who seemed uncharacteristically over joyed) how his son was doing and he was so pleased to report that his son had banked enough money and is now thinking about moving out of the house with his parents and wants to get an apartment for himself closer to the location of his job (career). No wonder he was over-joyed!

Creating opportunity for people and watching them seize it and benefit from it is amazingly rewarding. That’s what we do at New Era HR Solutions.

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