So … what is a behavior?  A non-judgemental description of an activity that someone does.  “Asks questions” is a behavior.  “Put’s on safety glasses” is a behavior.  “Arrives 10 minutes early” is a behavior.  “Lazy” is not.  “Great attitude” is not.

The key to it all is “job behaviors”.  Ask your self: What are the “right” behaviors we want in our employees doing this job?  If you hire someone that has the right behaviors for the job you have begun to build a high performance organization.  The right hire will be more productive, safer, quality minded, and will likely be more reliable and dependable.

It is possible to determine who has and who does not have the “right behaviors” for the job BEFORE hiring.  And I am not speaking of “behavioral based interviewing” – which is so heaving relied on and so yesterday.

65% of the people we interview will never, ever make it to the shop floor of my clients.  It’s not that the 65% are bad people – they are simply the wrong people.  We use an assessment tool that (as part of our total process) can help us find the right people.  It works.

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