We have used temp agencies strategically so that we can respond to sudden increases or decreases in demand.  It is possible for me to get “qualified temps” in your place of business faster than you can get the raw material for a uptick in sales activity.  By qualified, I mean right behaviors, right experience, right attitude, and “day 1” pre-trained.  That can save you lots of money.  And, satisfy your customers. 

When you use New Era you don’t pay payroll tax, Unemployment Insurance premiums, L&I premiums, health insurance benefits, and you don’t have to worry about W2 wage reporting, the threat of a workers comp claim, unemployment claim, or employment liability claim.  Here is the math:

Your employee costs you:

Hourly Wage = $15.00

Taxes and other costs =$3.75

Benefits at 30% = $5.62

True Hourly Cost of your employee =$24.37

Hourly cost of my employee working for you = $22.00

Direct Labor Savings of $2.37/hour or 9.7% labor cost reduction!  If you want to add other “soft costs” like the time and money you will be spending on advertising, reviewing resumes, interviewing, calling, e-mailing, and waiting; you can pay a lot more.  WASTEFUL.  It may take 3 weeks for you to find the “right person”.  In the meantime, stuff is not getting done (like producing a quality product or service safely).  That sounds expensive.  It is, I know, first hand.

New Era – Isn’t it time?

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