Here is what we hear from our clients.

“We really love the guy and he is super qualified, but the hiring manager wants to see three candidates before he makes the decision to hire.”

“We make all new hires and temps go through the same grueling process to see if they have what it takes to do the complete job, that’s how I learned, you either sink or swim!”

Here is what we hear from our candidates.

“I have a good job that pays more than what you’re offering and I also have three other job offers that I am considering. If they don’t make a decision fast, I am not interested, even if it is a cool company.”

“I am not taking anything less than $15.00/hour and if I am not treated with respect, I am not interested in sticking around.”

The US added a blistering 223,000 jobs in April. Unemployment is at 10 year low dipping below 4.5% in February in the Seattle area. The $15.00 minimum wage movement is alive and well in Seattle and now Tacoma. The employment climate has dramatically changed. It is increasing more difficult to find qualified applicants. It’s easy to find unqualified applicants and confused marijuana users, but we can’t “sell” those to our clients.

Times have changed, just within the past two months.

We encourage our clients to re-think their selection and decision making processes with regards to the speed of decision making. Waiting to make a decision (seeing three qualified candidates) will result in missing the one qualified candidate that you loved! We are also encouraging our clients to take a hard look at their on-boarding and assimilation of new hires processes as well. Employees have the mind-set that they are in high demand and that they are worth much more than today’s minimum wage. And here is the breaking news – they are!

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