Workplace safety is one of the most critical concerns an organization must deal with as part of day-to-day business operations. Safety is not only important from an efficiency and compliance standpoint, but also in the prevention of serious injury or even death. Even though safety is an important issue, over time employees can forget their onboarding safety briefings and slip into bad habits. With this in mind, it is imperative businesses and their management teams provide employees with necessary safety tips in the form of reminders. Safety reminders are best done on either a quarterly or yearly basis to prevent accidents and injuries from occurring.


Safety Reminders: The 5 Basic Safety Tips

Safety Tip # 1: Situational Awareness

Situational awareness covers many different areas. First, it requires employees to be aware of where hazards in the workplace are located. Second, it informs employees on how to deal with hazardous situations. Lastly, it covers personal and group safety. In today’s day and age, with mass shootings and acts of terrorism, it is essential employees are told to be on the lookout for strange behavior or the presence of unknown persons in the workplace. Furthermore, they should be instructed on how to handle peculiar behavior or unknown persons in the workplace to prevent situations from escalating.

Safety Tip # 2: Using Tools and Machines the Way They Were Intended

This safety tip may seem like a no-brainer, but when people work with the same machines and equipment day in and day out, shortcuts can be taken. It’s important to stress that using a machine in a way that it wasn’t intended, especially with modifications, can cause severe injury and even death.

Safety Tip # 3: Know Where Emergency Exits Are and Ensure They Can Be Reached

In the event of an emergency, employees should know where all safety exits are located and which are nearest to them. Also, employees should be reminded that safety exits are to be respected at all times, and should never be blocked with boxes or other obstacles – even if only for a short period.

Safety Tip #4: Safety Reporting: Report All Safety Issues to Supervisors

In daily work operations, sometimes incidents and issues can go unnoticed.  Thus, reminding employees to report all workplace-related safety issues is of the utmost importance. Stressing that even the smallest and most mundane items must be reported will ensure a safe and compliant workplace.

Safety Tip # 5: Keeping the Workplace Free of Distractions

Workplaces, by their very nature, can be stressful environments. Employees can experience both physical and mental stress, which can cause distractions. It’s these stress-related distractions that are often the cause of accidents and injury. Employees should be reminded that if stress becomes too overwhelming and they feel they are putting themselves or others at risk, they should seek out a supervisor before it is too late.

Keeping Safety in Mind

Ensuring safety is on the mind of every employee, every day can be a challenging task. Thus, in order to maintain a safe work environment, it’s best to have in-place safety reminders to prevent workplace accidents. If your company’s safety program could use a new approach, it’s time to consult an expert in safety and training.

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