Social media can be both a blessing and a curse. Even in light of recent news headlines regarding Facebook and issues with personal privacy, social media isn’t going away. How do job seekers use social media to their advantage as they navigate their job searches?

First, it is important to learn the “social media golden rule” before a job seeker can even think about using social media in their professional lives.

The Social Media Golden Rule: Never be offensive or polarizing. Avoid posting any material that is political or religious in nature. If a job seeker wants to post political or religious content, they should do so on a separate, personal social media account and restrict access to this account to close contacts only. This separation ensures your professional platforms are clean and appropriate.

Once a job seeker understands the social media golden rule, it is now time to use social media to drive their job search.

Social Media Tips to Enhance Your Job Search and Land an Interview

Social Media Tip #1: Create a Brand

When you look at the social media accounts of your favorite athletes and celebrities you will notice a trend: All have a specific brand. It’s easiest to think about branding as advertising yourself. What type of subjects and work do you want to associate yourself with? What core parts of your personality define you? What is your messaging going to look like? Once you have an idea as to the answers of these fundamental branding questions, you can more easily develop your brand.

Social Media Tip # 2: Ensure Your Brand Is Uniform Across All Social Media Platforms

Once you have a brand in place, it is essential to make sure your branding is the same across all social media platforms you use. This includes all messaging, pictures, and posts. When your brand is cohesive, it shows professionalism and conveys the effort that was put into your social media presence.

Social Media Tip #3: Post New and Exciting Content Regarding Your Industry

With your brand now created and uniform, it’s time to turn to your posts and content. The best way to get the eye of recruiters or employers is to post about goings-on in your industry. This shows that not only do you know your industry, but that you have expertise in your industry. When thinking about the posts you will write, try to make them unique and informative; this will drive views and traffic. Also, posts can serve as examples of your work and industry understanding for recruiters and employers to look at when considering you for a job.

Social Media Tip # 4: Interact With People

It’s not enough to merely post to social media and be done with it, interacting with others on social media by commenting on posts or interacting with people who comment on your posts is essential. By responding to comments from followers, you grow your network and create new relationships that can be used to open doors to interviews and jobs. However, it’s important to remember the social media golden rule when interacting with others. If someone posts a hurtful or offensive comment about you or your posts, don’t reply with a like-minded response. It’s best to ignore, flag or delete the comment and move on.

Social Media Tip #5: Reach Out to Recruiters and Employers Regarding Job Postings

With social media being such a force in our lives, many recruiters and employers have social media accounts they use to announce job postings. Try to follow several employers and recruiters, and when you see a posting that might be good for you, introduce yourself.  It’s helpful that, when you do introduce yourself, you reference back to your postings that show your expertise in a specific area. This action just might lead to an interview.

Thinking Beyond Your Social Media Platform

Love it or loathe it, social media is here to stay. Social media can have many benefits to job seekers if used correctly. While it can be helpful, however, it can’t take the place of an industry expert. Thus, if you still have questions about your job search, it’s best to consult a professional recruiter.

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