Congratulations, graduate! After years of hard work and commitment, you have finally graduated and are ready to join the workforce. While graduation is an exhilarating time, it can also be overwhelming. Now that your days in the classroom are over, it is time to take your knowledge and put it to the test in the work world. Bridging the gap from the classroom to the workplace can be made easier with a plan in place to start your job search off on the right foot. So, what are the steps to take as you begin your search for your new job?

Post-Graduation Job Search Tips for the New Grad

Decide What Job You Want

First and foremost, new grads need to know what type of job they would like to pursue. A grad should do a personal inventory of several items to determine the best job fit. What interests you? What did you study in school? What subjects in school did not interest you? Do you like working with your hands or do more knowledge-based duties interest you? Did you have any part-time employment while in school that gave you an idea of what you like to do?

With answers to these questions, start researching some basic job titles to see which most align with your likes, dislikes, and interests.

Create a Resume

When you’ve decided on a few possible job types, it’s now time to assemble a resume. Several online sources provide excellent examples of proper resume format. Also, job counseling centers and recruiters can provide sample resume formats as well. Once you have selected a format, it is now time to populate it with your information. Include skills, educational experience, certifications, and any professional experience you have to date. Try to include any specific classes you have taken or projects that you may have done that apply to the position you are seeking.

Researching Job Requirements: Informational Interviews 

While you are working on your resume, it’s a good idea to start requesting informational interviews. These are interviews where you meet with a professional in a job you would like to have. To find contacts for informational interviews ask friends and look on social media sites. When requesting an informational interview, let the contact know you are a new grad looking for information regarding their job and career. During your informational interview, you should ask questions about how your contact started in their career and what skills or training they have. The information a new grad receives from an informational interview can provide them with a professional roadmap as they start their careers.

Establish a Relationship with a Recruiter

For new grads, one of the most important relationships they can establish after graduation is with a recruiter. A recruiter will be able to guide a new grad and help prepare them for a job search. Since recruiters are experts in placing workers, they can assist new grads with job selection and placement. New grads can also receive advice on resume and interview preparation as well. For new grads, recruiters are the key to career success. If you are lucky enough to live in Kent, Washington contact the experts at New Era HR Solutions. At New Era HR Solutions, we know the Kent, Washington job market very well. Let us put our local knowledge to work for you.

Begin Networking

New grads should also actively start to network. Grads should attend industry events and join professional organizations that represent professionals who have the jobs they want to have. Not only will networking connect new grads to opportunities, but it can also help with preparation for future job interviews.

Planning for the Future

Post-graduation life is an exciting time for new grads. However, as a new grad enters the workforce, it can be overwhelming. But, with a plan in place, a new grad can start their job search off on the right foot leading to that perfect job. When in doubt about the job search process, it is best to turn to the experts.

At New Era HR Solutions, we work with new grads to help them find jobs that will start them off on a path to career success. To get started today, contact one of our staffing specialists or check out our free resources to improve your job search.

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