Safety in the workplace is of the utmost importance. It is everyone’s job to ensure safety is taken seriously and concerns are made known to the appropriate people, so that corrective action can be taken. So, what are the proper steps for workers to take to report safety concerns in the workplace?

Safety First: How to Report a Safety Concern

Step 1: Clearly Identify the Problem or Concern (Preferably in Writing)

If you feel there is a safety concern in your workplace, you should identify the matter clearly. Preferably, put your concern in writing to ensure no details are missed and all information is accurate. This document will help you when addressing the concern with your supervisor.

Step 2: Research the Issue to Ensure It Is a Valid Concern

While a safety issue can be a cause for concern, it may not be a violation of workplace requirements or operating procedures. Thus, before taking a complaint to a supervisor, it is best to do a little research and ensure your safety concern is truly an issue that goes against safety standards.

Step 3: Report the Concern to Your Supervisor: Be Careful to Follow the Chain of Command

Once you have established your concern is a valid issue, it is time to speak with your supervisor. When speaking with your supervisor, you should present the document you wrote about your concern and verbally describe the issue, as well. However, while speaking with your supervisor remember to stay calm and allow them to respond.

Step 4: Follow-up with Your Supervisor After Your Initial Discussion

Once you and your supervisor have an initial discussion about the safety concern, you should follow up with your supervisor within a reasonable amount of time. Again, you should be cooperative and calm when inquiring about the issue.

Step 5: Try to Find a Supportive Advocate Within the Organization

If speaking with your supervisor doesn’t yield any results, it is best to look for an advocate. This supporter should be a senior member of the organization who is well versed in safety policies and procedures. Seek out this advocate and voice your concern. Also, let them know you have already spoken with your immediate supervisor. Depending on the nature of the concern, the advocate should be able to address the matter with management properly.

Moving Forward

Workplace safety is everyone’s job. If you feel there is a safety issue at your workplace, you should report it properly. Following a few simple steps ensures your workplace safety concern will be adequately addressed.

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