Networking never ends. Even if a professional is in a job they love, they still need to network to remain competitive and achieve professional success. While for some professionals networking comes rather naturally, for many it doesn’t. Thus, it is best to start off simple and start networking in your own “backyard;” your current company. So, what are the best ways for professionals to network within their current organization?

Networking 101: Your Own “Backyard”

No matter where you work, there is always the potential to network. For professionals to be successful at networking, they must use strategies to seize upon any opportunity, including with people who work for the same organization.

The Top 3 In-House Networking Strategies

Make a List of People in Your Company Whom You Would Like to Know and Introduce Yourself

Networking takes work, and it very rarely happens organically. Thus, when looking to expand your network within your company, it is best to have a plan. For example, create a list of people who are significant players in your firm you would like to get to know. Try to reach out to these people and introduce yourself. If they are very senior and you are uncomfortable, ask a co-worker who knows them to set up an introduction.

Send Congrats and Thank-You Emails When Appropriate

People remember kind and considerate co-workers. The more interest you show in the lives of others, the better you are perceived by those around you. Thus, small acts of kindness will not go unacknowledged. By sending congratulatory and thank-you emails to people you work and interact with, you will cement your reputation as a team player and easily increase your network.

Highlight the Accomplishments of Others

In addition to showing an interest in the lives of those around you, acknowledging the accomplishments of others also helps grow your network. When co-workers see and hear you praise the work and contributions of people other than yourself, they will notice that you are not just out for number one. This visible display of support and teamwork will make others extend courtesies toward you, such as making introductions to fellow company employees. These introductions will not only expand your network, but will also foster an outstanding corporate culture.

Moving Forward

Networking is a must not only for job seekers, but for professionals who are already in positions they love. While networking can be challenging at first, it can be made easier by reaching out to those already around you, fellow employees at your company. With a few simple strategies, you will be growing your networking in no time.

Grow Your Professional Network Today

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