Technology gets all the attention, and hardware gets all the money. However, the most important resource in your business is, and always will be, your employees. The people in your company provide you with the opportunity for the highest ROI –  if you give them the tools they need to succeed.

What is the most important of these tools? Mentorship! Taking a strategic interest in talent development is what grows a company faster than any piece of technology or hardware you can buy. Mentorship programs are a low-cost way to provide high-quality solutions to your company over a long period of time.

Why does your company need a mentoring program? Here are just a few of the top reasons.

Creation of a Caring Company Culture

Many studies have shown the majority of information within a company is passed through informal meetings, like mentorship lunches and watercooler conversations. If you have a company culture that cares and shares, your employees will take it upon themselves to pass relevant information among each other. This can begin very easily with a formal mentorship program that bleeds over into your everyday culture.

Engaging Your Employees

A better-trained workforce is a more engaged workforce. If you have mentors to help new employees learn the ropes and develop relationships, they will naturally hit the ground running. As an executive, you will also be able to identify the core competencies of new employees more quickly, helping them develop natural skills and more synergetic teams.

Higher Job Satisfaction

Mentorship helps to decrease employee turnover, because people feel more equipped to succeed. New employees also have someone to hold them accountable without the pressure of formal management always looking over their shoulders. Informal mentor-mentee relationships eventually translate into a higher commitment to the formal employer, because the mentor has the ability to alleviate frustration and give insights into process and culture. All of this leads to higher job satisfaction, because it will usually lead to better quarterly assessments.

Aside from all of the advantages for new employees, creating a mentorship program also helps the mentors, as well. How? They have a chance to showcase and review their own knowledge base as they teach new employees. This helps to keep them engaged.

Mentorship programs can also help bridge the gap between age groups. The cultural divide between retiring baby boomers, Generation X and millennials can quickly become quite a chasm without an infrastructure to correlate them. If you have not thought of creating a mentorship program for your company, now would be the time. You will gain invaluable process acceleration and reduce negative office politics while improving ROI across the board!

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