Safety should be a top priority for any business, from administrative to manufacturing work. It’s important you have procedures in place to ensure the safety of your team. More than that, you also need to be sure to demonstrate to your team that your company cares about safety. If you want to show your commitment to safety, here are five tips to get you started.

1. Listen to Your Team

If there are concerns in the office, be sure to listen to your employees when they talk about the situation. You can only solve problems you know about, so pay attention to things they’re saying. If you hear about safety issues, address them right away. This applies to physical safety issues as well as mental well-being, such as bullying or abuse in the office or warehouse.


2. Update Your Safety Training

Safety training should go far beyond your initial onboarding orientation. Regularly update your safety training for situations such as fire prevention, protocol to avoid machine damage, or office spills. Take the process seriously to keep both your current and new team engaged with your processes.


3. Invest in the Best Equipment

Ergonomics is the science of how our bodies interact with our environment. It gained popularity in offices several decades ago and is still an important part of daily operations. For your office team, a good desk chair or keyboard is essential to keep your employees safe from unnecessary injury on the job. Investing in good equipment for your office or manufacturing environment will help your team stay safe and comfortable.


4. Encourage Team Participation

Empowering your team to make the right decisions on the job is an important step to improve safety protocol. Make sure they know they can think proactively about safety concerns and bring their concerns to the table. The may have great ideas that can help improve office or warehouse safety procedures.


5. Make It a Priority All Year

It’s common to decide to improve safety as a new year’s resolution, but that shouldn’t be the end of it. While interest may drop off, it’s essential to keep it going throughout the year. Keep up with your safety initiatives. Provide continual training and incentives for safe behavior.


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