Are you looking for a job as a mechanical technician? Mechanical engineering technicians are professionals who apply theory and principles of mechanical engineering to develop, modify or test essential equipment for manufacturing. A mechanical technician usually works under the direction of engineers. They will generally bring an associate’s degree or other training in mechanical engineering technology such as fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, or mechanical design.

But what else do mechanical technicians need to know for a job in this industry? If you’re looking for a role as a mechanical technician, what hard or soft skills do you need to demonstrate to a hiring manager? Whether you have years of experience or are transitioning to a new career, here are three things you should know.

1. Reading Comprehension

When it comes to the work a mechanical technician will be responsible for day to day, reading comprehension is essential. There will be a variety of directions for every task as well as other aspects of the job and requirements that will need to be followed with precision. A failure to understand the underlying instructions for any particular job could lead to major mistakes and challenges along the way.

2. Attention to Detail

For the same reason, attention to detail is highly desired by those hiring mechanical technicians. This is a soft skill you can develop over time. You need to be confident to ask questions that uncover any obscure details. Be sure to review the fine details of any project to ensure that nothing is falling through the cracks.

3. Strong Math Skills

A job as a mechanical technician is also one that requires strong math skills. Calculus and statistics are among the mathematic disciplines necessary for a role supporting mechanical engineers. It’s also important you bring problem-solving skills to the table, not just in the sense of math, but also to apply to all aspects of the job from sorting out issues to developing creative solutions.

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