The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, regularly updates their requirements for safety in the workplace. For your career in manufacturing or warehouse work, how can you demonstrate that you have a complete understanding of safety requirements and how to implement safe behavior on the job? Here are some of the most recent updates from OSHA that you can integrate into your skill set.

Current Record Keeping Rules

The current rules about filing records with OSHA require companies with 20 to 249 employees to submit the form 300A electronically. This form is a summary of work-related injuries and illnesses. For larger companies, they have two additional forms that need to be submitted. While this is typically the role of the employer, employees should be aware of compliance and how it might affect the organization.

Tracking Injury and Illness

There is also a push from OSHA to rescind two parts of their “Improve Tracking of Workplace Injuries and Illnesses” final rule. This would change the requirements for submitting the forms for illness and injury data. This is also something that can impact employees at work, so keep it in mind as you’re discussing safety on the job.

Communication of Hazards

There are rules for specific industries about communicating hazards, but it really is an important aspect of any manufacturing or warehouse environment. Employees should take the lead to understand safety policies and OSHA rules regarding hazards on the floor, and be able to effectively communicate about them at any time.

Understanding Unprogrammed Inspections

Unprogrammed is OSHA’s terminology for unplanned inspections. The agency is ramping up these visits, so it’s helpful for employees to understand what they mean and what can happen. These inspections tend to take longer than planned inspections. The agency is adding employees to help with the process and improve compliance assistance, outreach and the Voluntary Protection Programs.

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