Your hiring process is about so much more than bringing in top talent. It’s a high-level strategy to ensure you have the people you need in all the right places for complete success. Can working with a staffing agency be a strategic move for your hiring process. Partnering with recruiters can give you and your team a way to manage your money and hire the best candidates for each open position. Here are just a few ways a staffing agency can be your biggest strategic partner in the hiring process.

Manage costs

The single most important aspect of working with a staffing company is the ability to reduce your employment costs. The fee you pay to the agency allows for them to assume all the responsibility of payroll taxes, unemployment and workers’ compensation insurance coverage. This also means mitigating the risk to you as an employer. You also have a direct resource to communicate about employee performance and make adjustments when necessary.

Hire experts

You have a specific need, and a recruiter can help you fill it. While you may believe hiring a consultant from an outside source is the best way to tap into experience, working with an agency to bring someone on staff can actually benefit you more. Instead of dealing directly with the consultant, you have a company representative handling the process on your behalf. If the individual is not a fit, you are able to work together to find a replacement.

Replacing training with onboarding

Your recruiter has the ability to source candidate with the specific experience you need to complete the project. That means you’ll have less time needed for training so you can replace it with onboarding. The difference is teaching someone the job versus how to work with your company. Instead of focusing on tasks, you can trust them to handle what they already know. You can focus on getting them up to speed with your processes and procedures.

Prescreen candidates

When you hire someone new, you often have to take a leap of faith. You have to trust they have the skills they claim. But partnering with a staffing agency gives you another line of information. They prescreen candidates, including assessment testing, to ensure that everyone is qualified for their placements. They also assume the responsibility for everything from advertising and recruiting costs to prescreening the applicants via testing or behavioral interviewing before they have their first meeting with you. They may even conduct background checks or more at your request based on your internal policies.

Are you ready to partner with a recruiter to take your hiring process to the next level?

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