An in-house HR department can be cost prohibitive for many small businesses. There are alternatives, so it’s important to know the options. What is the difference between recruitment process outsourcing and traditional staffing? And how can it benefit your company to utilize RPO? If you want to know more about RPO and what it can offer, here are some things it can help you with.


Payroll services

Payroll may be the single most important function that’s controlled by both HR and your accounting department. RPO can help you by using the latest technology to process payroll effectively and efficiently. This will benefit your entire staff and allow your accounting department, or single accountant, to focus on other aspects of your business.


Talent pool access

Partnering with a staffing agency or RPO can help you broaden your access to the local talent pool. However, an RPO handles a lot more beyond just the staffing process. They are there as support throughout the entire process. In this way, RPO is very similar to traditional staffing, but the remaining functions are extended.


Risk management

There are many requirements, regulations and employment laws to follow when making hiring decisions. It’s okay if you can’t keep track of all of them, but you need to partner with someone who can keep your policies in check. Outsourcing HR can protect your business.


Onboarding and retention

Hiring is just the beginning. Onboarding programs should be designed to encourage employee retention and satisfaction. The professionals you work with as a part of your RPO bring this expertise to the table. They can help you develop programs to engage new hires and seasoned employees throughout their careers.


Employee support

Your RPO partner can help you with long-term employee support as well, just like an in-house HR department would. They can assist you or your managers with employment issues and answer important employee questions. You can remain compliant, help settle disagreements, establish wellness programs and more with your RPO partner.


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