Do you know what you should wear to your next warehouse or manufacturing job interview? It can be difficult to determine the best clothes for a blue-collar job. There aren’t the same expectations as an office or executive position, so what’s right? There are a few rules that can help you put your best foot forward. One suggestion is to make sure you’re dressed at least as nicely as your interviewer to make the right impression. Here are some other things to consider for your next industrial interview.

Wearing a suit

Regardless of the industry, a suit is never a bad choice. It communicates that you are a professional and serious about your opportunity. Even in a manufacturing or warehouse environment, a suit or at least a shirt and tie isn’t a bad choice. You always want to make sure your suit fits properly and is neat and pressed before wearing it to an interview.

Not wearing a suit

However, some people have the perception that wearing a suit for these kinds of interviews means you’re trying too hard. There are other options to convey your seriousness without looking stuffy. Just make sure your clothes are neat and clean. And avoid jeans or T-shirts for these interviews.

Don’t do this

Besides suit or no suit, there are some other rules that will serve you well in interview situations. Don’t wear too much cologne. In fact, you may want to skip it altogether. Many people have sensitivities to chemicals or scents, so it’s better to err on the side of caution. Keep accessories to a minimum. If you have any question about whether or not something is appropriate, choose something else.

Specific instructions

Sometimes, the hiring manager may actually throw you a curve ball on purpose to see how you respond. If they tell you to dress casually, follow their instructions. They may be testing your ability to follow directions. Even if this is the case, make sure you’re not sloppy. You can still be professional and put together in jeans and polo or button-down shirt.

Are you preparing for your next blue-collar interview?

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