“Kent Warehouse & Labeling, LLC was fortunate in finding New Era HR Solutions as we were looking for immediate change and improvement in our leadership skills and work force. I get probably a call a day from temporary staffing agencies and drop ins from agencies trying to get our business, and quite frankly they all say they can outdo the others, but when New Era HR Solutions came knocking on our door, the leadership training that they advertised being able to provide was what drew my attention to them. When I met with their team, I knew right away that this was going to be the answer for our leadership training and in turn our staffing needs. Harry brought his enthusiasm to each class, and the Leadership group was able to easily learn from him by his excellent form of presentation. We even had a manager who stated that ‘she had attended many supervisory training courses, but this was the first time she actually felt that she learned a skill that she was able to step out into the workforce and make a difference’. I would recommend any company or individual to sign up with New Era HR Solutions.”

Cheryl Becker, Co-General Manager, Kent Warehouse & Labeling, LLC
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