Interviewing Best Practices Workshop

There’s a considerable upside to helping hiring managers improve their interview skills. The interview plays such an integral role in the recruiting process; even small improvements can lead to significant increases in the effectiveness of the overall process. And if you make these improvements in such a way that it makes it easier for everyone involved, the efficiency gains can be tremendous.

Our customized Interviewing Best Practices workshop delivers practical strategies, guides and techniques to bring the best interview skills training available to help hiring managers phone screen, interview, select, and sell the candidates that will succeed in your company.

Workshop Concepts: 

♦  Legal and effective hiring practices

♦  How to effectively prepare for the interview

♦  Combating biases during interviews

♦  Conducting structured behavior-based interviews

♦  Probing beyond the behavioral-based interview questions

♦  Understanding the impact of body language

We understand that hiring managers have a low tolerance for training, especially training, that isn’t practical and easy to use. Our training doesn’t spend an hour telling them “why” selecting the right people is so important; they know that. It focuses on the “how” with guides and templates to make interviewing and selecting the right people for your company, easy.

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