New Era HR Solutions Recruiter-in-a-Box is a low cost, high impact alternative to traditional sourcing models. This innovative solution will increase your access to qualified candidates and improve quality of fit across your organization, at a fraction of the cost to legacy hiring solutions.

Our Recruiter-in-a-Box solution enables our clients to leverage easy-to-use texting and auto-scheduling tools to help engage candidates quickly, improve candidate responsiveness and satisfaction.


♦  Every candidate is reviewed and ranked based on their knowledge, skills, and experience

♦  Optional role-specific skills assessments ensure proficiency

♦  Intelligent filtering enables you to focus your efforts on high-potential candidates

♦  Eliminate time-consuming tasks with streamlined communication tools

♦  Automated interview management to cut down on the back-and-forth

♦  Improved candidate experience with automated reminders via phone, email, and text

♦  Integrates seamlessly with the applications you use daily

Ready for a hassle-free sourcing experience at a fraction of the cost?  
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