Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

New Era HR Solutions Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a cost-effective and results-based alternative to traditional in-house recruiting efforts. Our RPO offering provides flexibility, affordability, and scalability to your internal systems and processes through cutting-edge technology and other value-added client-focused services.

Whether you need limited recruiting support or complete talent acquisition solutions across the entire organization, we can deliver a customized RPO solution with the right fit.


Defining RPO

RPOs typically provide three levels of service: On-demand RPO, Function-based RPO, Full Recruitment Process Outsourcing.

On-demand RPO
If you need help hiring a few salespeople or landed a new government contract and need several hundred people quickly, that’s On-demand RPO.

Function-based RPO
In function-based RPO, the RPO provider takes a piece of your company’s recruiting needs entirely off the company’s plate. For example, if you have limited internal resources and need assistance with labor-intensive administrative tasks associated with recruiting or have a specific division that needs support with more aggressive and complicated hiring, you could outsource those particular functions. Enabling in-house resources to focus on the rest of the company.

Full RPO
The third type of RPO is “full RPO,” when the RPO provider manages a company’s entire internal recruiting function. This end-to-end version of RPO engagement, where every piece of the company’s recruiting process, such as sourcing, marketing, interviewing, etc. gives the organization access to the provider’s full breadth of resources, providing a considerable advantage in execution.


Benefits of RPO

Reduced Time-to-Hire
Using proactive strategic sourcing plans that are specific to your needs, we typically reduce the time it takes to recruit a new hire. Hiring good people faster and reducing downtime can substantially help productivity.

Quality of Hire
New Era HR Solutions uses scientifically proven screening methods to identify and focus on high potential candidates and ensure the optimal fit between the role, person and organizational culture. We start by creating a comprehensive job and person profile, we find talent from a wide range of sources (internal employees, employee referrals, internet, job boards, networks etc.), and we conduct behavioral interviews, hard and soft skill assessments, and reference checks to assess candidate fit.

Cost Reduction
The amount of cost reduction will vary based on your current recruitment model. For organizations that rely heavily on recruitment and staffing agencies, the cost savings can be in the 30-50% range on a cost-per-hire basis.

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