This week we had a former employee who had recently been hired on as a permanent employee at the client site he was placed, come into the office to thank us for the opportunity of finding him a great job.

I was very proud of this placement because prior to starting with New Era HR Solutions, he had not had very much verifiable work experience. He was in his late twenties, and most of his prior work experience had been doing under the table construction work. In interviewing with him, I asked what had brought him to New Era HR Solutions. He stated that he realized he was getting older and had recently become a parent and wanted to set a good example for his son. The employee tested very well on both the hard skill and behavioral assessments that New Era HR Solutions uses throughout our screening process. With his prior construction experience, it was determined that he could potentially be a good fit for one of our entry level aerospace openings and was placed on assignment. After working for approximately 2 weeks at that client, he received a commendation from the VP of Operations and was promoted to a higher level position. After just over a month of being at the job site he was hired on as a permanent employee and now just 3 months later, he has been promoted to a supervisor.

It is rewarding to be able to help people find meaningful, life changing work by carefully matching their transferable skills and abilities with the needs of our clients.

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