On March 1, 2012 we posted 3 new jobs on the job boards.  In two days we had 291 applicants attempt to complete our qualifying process.  83 applicants were able to manage the “on-line” application process and made it through the JOBehaviors Assessment (  But only 45 applicants passed the JOBehaviors Assessment.  Leaving us with a much smaller pool of candidates to consider.  Those 45 will recieve invitations to come to our office for another assessment and an interview. Of those 45, we anticipate that, 10 of them won’t pass the next assessment and another 10 won’t pass the interview process.  That will leave us with 25 “viable” canadidates for us to place with our clients.  However, once the offer is made we will also drug test, e-verify, and background check the candidates.  We expect 5 to drop from that process.  And voila – we have 20 that we can send to our clients!  Our stick rates are getting better – of those 20, 15 will likely “go full time” with our clients.

Why use screening tools?  We only have to deal with 10% of the applicant pool.  The other 90% are not bad people, they are just not right for our clients.  But these tools quickly allow us to spend our time in the interview process where we can do OUR best work for our clients.

Are you using screening tools?  Or are you talking to all 291 applicants?

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