The modern recruiter is sorting through more potential employees than ever before. The proliferation of recruiting technology has literally opened office doors to an endless array of prospects, which may or may not be a good thing. Regardless of the quality of your competition, you definitely do not want to be lumped in with the noise. Use the tips below to ensure you leave a great impression on your interviewer.

Be Positive and Different

Your interviewer will probably have a process that they are used to. They will go through this process dozens of times a day. If you give the same kinds of answers as the 12 applicants before you, then you will go into the same pile as those 12 applicants.

If there is only one job to go around, this is a problem.

Practice positive, yet professional and humorous answers to common questions you know interviewers will ask. Hopefully  your response will lead to a more personal conversation – one the recruiter will remember.

Sticking to a Theme

Regardless of your industry, during your interview process, you are a marketer. You are marketing yourself! One of the most important things every marketer does is create a theme around a product. Marketing is all about attaching this theme to the product (like the gecko to Geico Insurance).

Themes are much easier to remember than people. They are also more relevant. If you have no theme, your recruiter is not likely to remember that you are 6’2” and wore a great-looking Armani suit to the interview. Why? These facts are irrelevant to the job. Your recruiter is likely to remember a theme of cooperation or leadership. Why? These words apply to employment. If the job needs a cooperative person or a leader, you suddenly became memorable and important.

Telling a Story

Leave your interviewer with something to think about with a story. You will likely get a question that gives you an opportunity to tell one. “Tell us about a time you fell short of a goal.”

You know questions like these are coming. Why are you waiting to come up with a memorable, funny, positive story? This not the time to freestyle. Rehearse something for common questions, so you can leave your interviewer laughing (with you, not at you) and thinking of you as a highly prepared and professional candidate.

Follow Up

Congratulations! You made a great impression. Here’s a tip: Someone else probably did as well. You need to stay in touch with your recruiter to showcase your passion for the job. There is no better way to do this than through a follow-up thank-you card.

Just as in your interview, your thank-you card should not be generic. You have more material to work with now, however. In your thank you, refer to a high point in your interview – hopefully the point of highest connection between you and the interviewer. Doing so will bring back good memories and likely bring your resume back to the top of the pile (if it moved).

The tips above will probably need some practice. Keep in mind your interviewers are only human, and you may simply rub someone the wrong way. This is better than being bland and generic. Practice with friends to edge away from controversial material while keeping your personality. Once you master this, you will likely have more job offers than you can handle!

Find a Job With a Lasting Impression

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