Experts tell us that millennials will have seven careers in a lifetime. High turnover doesn’t necessarily mean dissatisfaction with work, but there are many other reasons to look for a new job. Is it time for you to move on? Let’s take a look at some signs you may want to pay attention to.

Thinking of Other Jobs

Thinking of a new job doesn’t mean one bad day at work – everybody has bad days. If your disdain for work is ongoing, however, you may have a problem on your hands. In the same way, having a disagreement with a co-worker is normal. However, if you come home and consistently think about the boss or the co-workers, you might need to brush off the resume and start looking.

Negativity Seeping Into Your Life

The only work you should take home is overtime work. Don’t bring conversations about work problems into your family life or into your social circle. If you feel the need to spin the conversation so you can vent, you may need to find a new job. You should be talking about job highlights with your friends and family, not problems.


If you are getting less sleep, eating less, losing/gaining weight or losing focus in other activities thinking about work, it is time to reassess. Work should not cause stress in other areas of your life, especially those that deserve your undivided attention. It’s never worth it. You will lose your support system as well as your job if you force yourself into a bad situation day after day.


Mental stress over work can eventually express itself as physical sickness. If you get to this level, things are probably really bad! Take stock of your health. Note any physical symptoms that are not normal to you – headaches, frequent colds out of season, general depression, even acne.


You should never increase your alcohol or drug intake in order to cope with the job. Not only does this reduce your health, it also affects your productivity at work. This will eventually catch up with you, so it is best to take action early.

Low Production at Work

If you find yourself daydreaming or you are always in the manager’s office discussing performance, it is time to move on. Everyone has to pay bills. However, you should have some sort of passion for what you do. If you are on social media hiding your computer screen from your boss, you are ripe for new employment.

The tips above will help you sort out a small problem before it becomes a huge issue. A job you don’t agree with will eventually create negativity in your life, and that negativity will eventually find its way back into your job.

Take Action Now

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