Saving money can be tricky, but as they say, “there’s an app for that.” Actually, there are quite a few apps for that! Improve your ability to save by leveraging the power of automation with your choice of these four applications.


If you are someone who has always wanted to save, but lacked the discipline, Qapital may be just the app for you. This app lets you set your own rules for saving money. The program then automates those rules so you do not have to worry about disciplining yourself until you need those rules to change.

Qapital gives you the ability to utilize “traditional” savings programs such as rounding up spare change and moving it into different accounts. However, you can also set your rules to contribute a certain amount each pay period. All you really need is a checking account, and you can get started.

The best part about this app is that it is completely free of fees. You also earn 0.1 percent interest on all accounts you open, which is relatively standard for modern savings accounts. You can also connect a debit card to the account. If you use a Qapital debit card, your spare change is automatically placed into a savings account with the app.


Digit is a savings app that will help you calculate exactly how much you can save consistently. The app bases your savings on your previous spending behavior and your recent income. Under a traditional Digit plan, you will be adding to your savings account three times per week.

The bonus you get with this app is truly remarkable. Every three months, you get an extra one percent of your average daily balance. Digit also refunds you twice if you overdraft your account. Another huge advantage is that you get a free trial period of 100 days when you first sign up.


With Acorns, you can take advantage of the “round up” savings pattern that puts all your spare change into an Acorns account.  What makes this app special is you are not only saving your money, you are investing it! You get an investment account or an IRA account with your choice of options and exchange traded funds that can help you save, no matter what kind of an investment perspective you have.

Keep in mind this is an investment app, so you can lose money if the market goes down. However, you gain a percentage of the cash you used to purchase anything from an Acorns company partner. The money goes straight back into your account, so you do not even have to do anything to increase your savings in this way.

You can also take advantage of an Acorns checking account that takes advantage of the round up savings pattern, as well.


Chime is a completely free automatic savings bank with a debit card and a savings account if you want one. You do not have to worry about any foreign transaction fees, monthly fees or even overdraft fees. The interest rate is a bit lower on this account than on others, but you gain the ability to automate your savings and build them more quickly.

Chime gives you the ability to automatically chunk 10 percent of your paycheck into your account. You also gain the ability to get cash back on certain purchases and house bills.

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No matter which of these four apps you choose, you will definitely benefit from an automated savings program. If you’re looking for a new job to help your income, check out some of our available opportunities today!

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