Saving money is a top priority for a lot of working professionals. You work hard, have to meet your obligations, but you also want to ensure you have money put away for your future. There are plenty of large changes you can make to stretch your dollars, but there are small changes that can also make a big impact. Here are some quick ways to start saving more money today.

Have an account just for bills.

Late fees can add up, so make sure to avoid them by setting up an account just to handle your monthly bills. Deposit the exact money into this account directly from your income each month. You can pay manually by check or set up automatic bill pay and you know the money is in the account and won’t be late.

Cut cable.

Cutting the cord is saving money for a lot of families. Cable is expensive, but streaming can be cheaper if you pick and choose your services carefully. You can eliminate cable altogether and only rely on local over-the-air channels for entertainment. You can also check out any of the new streaming services that offer on-demand and live TV for popular cable and broadcast channels.

Don’t drink soda.

You might not be able to live without coffee, but you can live without soda. Cut the cost just for soda by replacing it with water from your home and you’ll save quite a bit of money. You can get a filter for your fridge or your home and invest in a nice but reasonably priced water bottle.

Buy used items.

Not everything you buy needs to be brand new. There are a lot of things discarded that will be a great addition to your personal collection, whether its clothes, furniture or books. With the current trend based on the Netflix release of the Marie Kondo series, some great things are being donated right now.

Have a capsule wardrobe.

If you ever feel you don’t have anything to wear, this might be a great trick. To save money, and time in the morning, create a capsule wardrobe. Men commonly do this in the workplace by purchasing several of the same trousers and button-down shirts. Women can do this too. Find a perfect pair of slacks or a skirt, pair it with a blouse or top and buy enough to last you the week. Then you never have to worry about wardrobe frustration.

Visit the library.

Books can be expensive over time, but that’s exactly what the library is for. You can sign up for a library card for free and have their entire collection at your fingertips. Many libraries now offer digital sharing for eBooks as well, so you can read on your device without paying the price.

Find some temp work.

Sometimes it isn’t about saving money but earning more money. Consider taking on some temporary work to make a little extra cash. It might be part-time or it might be a short-term project, but temp work can help you feel useful, stay up to date on your skills, and give you some extra money each week.

Can a temp job help you save more money for your future?

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