2018 is almost in the books, and most businesses have had a year full of ups and downs, exciting events, redirection in life and a lot of learning.

Before the year ends, people usually put together New Year’s resolutions – traits you want to change, goals you want to achieve, and career milestones to strive for.

Instead of making the usual New Year’s resolution, broken in a few weeks, why not take time to reflect and have an honest conversation with yourself?

As you look back, have the courage to face what has happened in your business. Look with your eyes wide open, so you can see things from a different perspective and grow towards a more meaningful and fulfilling life and business.

Why do you need to do a year in review?

  • To be conscious of your weaknesses
  • To end the vicious cycle of committing the same mistakes
  • To have a different way of seeing your progress and development
  • To know if you need to seek help
  • To start believing in yourself so you can change and trust your ability to grow

Ask yourself the following are questions as you do your year in review. Answer honestly.

Your Best Moments

  • With everything that you have achieved this year, in life and in career, what were you most proud of?
  • Why are your well-being, your career, your family, your finances and other people important to you?

Your Tough Moments

  • What was the toughest experience you had this year?
  • What are the behaviors you want to change?

Growing moments to look forward to

  • What goals do you want to fulfill in 2019?
  • What attributes do you would want to strengthen?
  • Who people or organizations you want to connect with to help you achieve your goals?

Your support system

  • Who are the top three people you want to get help from in 2019?
  • Who were the people who exerted effort to help you this year in achieving your goals?

Your goals

  • What goals and priorities were you able to achieve in 2018?
  • What were the goals and priorities you weren’t able to do?
  • What are the goals and priorities you want to achieve and continue in 2019?

Your vision of your future self

  • How do you see yourself in 2019?

Having a clear vision of what you want and having an action plan to achieve it will bring you the success you want. Assess your 2018 for a better 2019. If you’re looking to start a new career path in 2019, check out our available Washington job opportunities.

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