It’s been a little while since you’ve heard about keywords in relation to your resume. Much of the information online about resume writing now concentrates on formats and accomplishments. But the truth is, keywords are still important. With increased use of applicant tracking software, keywords help recruiters find your resume faster. It also gives them a better picture as they skim your resume to determine if you might be worth a phone call. Here are some keywords that attract attention on resumes.

1. Versatile

When an employer begins the search for a new team member, they are focused on a problem they need to solve. It could be a new position for the company or the role may replace someone who is leaving or was removed from the position. While it’s important you bring the right skills to the table, you also need to have added value. Can you approach a problem from a different direction?

2. Collaborative

While resume experts advise against using buzzwords on a resume, such as “team player,” the concept is still critical. A potential employer wants to see you are able to work with the group of diverse co-workers who are already in the organization. Use the term collaborative to describe how you’ve excelled at teamwork in the past.

3. Communication Skills

Communication, whether written or spoken, is important for any employee at any level. Regardless of your position, you need to effectively communicate with people in the company, customers, or executives. Technology has changed much of our cultural communication style. You can showcase your communication skills by using the key word, but also edit your resume and cover letter for content, grammar, and punctuation. This will demonstrate that you value communication.

4. Problem Solver

Can you solve problems both on a large- and small-scale level? In your resume, use the term “problem solver” to help describe how you implemented change, improved processes, or created new procedures to improve the overall efficiently and performance in the office. This will demonstrate your critical thinking skills.

5. Technology Skills

In this case, rather than using the specific term, include the relevant tech skills you bring to the table. All positions in modern businesses are affected by technology, so it’s imperative you possess the skills a company is looking for. Review the specific technologies they mention in their job posting and incorporate those into your resume where you can describe how you’ve used it in past positions.

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