HR Audit & Records Review

Taking the time to examine your company’s HR processes is integral to effective business management, and with the help of New Era HR Solutions, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

Our HR Audit evaluates your company’s existing HR practices and policies in key compliance areas such as recruitment and hiring, compensation and benefits, employee relations, and safety. Detailed guidance and recommendations are provided, along with assigned ratings so that specific areas for improvement may be easily identified.

Our HR Audit provides a comprehensive review of the following functional areas:

♦  HR Management Practices

♦  Recruitment and Selection Processes

♦  Employee Classification, Compensation, and Benefits

♦  Safety, Health, and Security

♦  Employee Relations

♦  Training and Development

♦  I-9 Audits and Records Review

Once your HR Audit is complete, our team of HR Professionals is available to assist you in the implementation of HR best practices or to help you address any company compliance gaps that may be uncovered.

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