Meeting Management Workshop

Running effective meetings requires excellent planning and communication skills. This workshop will focus on critical working meetings; how to ensure that these face-to-face gatherings maximize the cumulative energy, commitment, and talents of those engaged to meet important goals and specific outcomes.

Workshop Concepts:

♦  Ask the fundamental question for a successful meeting; what’s the desired outcome?

♦  Create Agendas – starting with a solid design and good time management.

♦  Show how to prepare for meetings; from deciding what information to send in advance, to creating a space that will allow the attendees to absorb the information.

♦  Explain why it is imperative that attendees know why this meeting is important to them and how to frame specific goals and the ground-rules for engagement.

♦  Demonstrate how to process on the fly and control the content.

♦  Provide tips for managing dynamic topics and the unexpected.

♦  Teach how to close the meeting on a positive note – with a goal-specific wrap-up, overview of key points, follow-up, action plans (with timelines) and more.

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